Friday, 6 November 2015

My story

My name is Natalie Grace Ling-yun but everyone calls me yani and I live at dunedin, I was born in china. When I was eleven years old I did something amazing without my parent. I travelled to shanghai,china,where I went to school for six weeks than I came back In a few days my dad decided that have need to go to school so they were talking to wallace about my school holidays in so wallis had a great idea that I should go to school in china for a while My parent has been keen for me to learn But my parent were dubious that I had never been away before. My school is called pingHe Bilingual school I was with twelve girls. I am tall for my age even in new zealand and I felt like are giant I was happy that I got to come to china and learn
That story is about me
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I live in dunedin

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